Welcome to Walters Music Studio

Walters Music Studio

is where fun and learning happen together!


A variety of programs are offered to meet the musical needs of your family from babes to adults.


The only child-centered music-learning system that integrates keyboard, creative movement, rhythm, singing, ear training, sight reading, music theory and composition. This is done in a group setting which helps stimulate the learning of children. An adult music partner accompanies each child. Classes are taught very creatively using all the learning styles with puppets, music games, rhythm instruments and keyboards. Children graduate from this program with the ability to play their Grade One Piano exam.

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SUNRISE: (age 3)

This is a pre-keyboard class that develops your child’s listening awareness, fine motor skills, social interaction, confidence and attention span. Itis a great introductory year to the Music For Young Children keyboard classes.

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PRIVATE PIANO LESSONS: (children to adults!)

Private piano instruction for students of all ages! Lessons are traditionally 30 minutes for beginner students, and longer for advanced students. Our lessons are taught by a great team of experienced and very qualified teachers.


THEORY CLASSES: (companion to Private Piano Lessons)

All Theory levels are available. The upper levels are taught in a group situation that stimulates and motivates the students together.