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Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet Lessons

Dominique Shulhan, from Barrhead, Alberta, completed her Jazz Diploma at MacEwan University in 2015. Throughout her time at MacEwan, she played in Big Band I and Showcase Band.

Dominique finished the Masters of Music program at the University of Alberta in 2013. She was involved in a Chamber Ensemble, The Symphonic Wind Ensemble and Saxophone Ensemble.

Dominique received her Bachelor of Music degree in 2011 from The Kings University College and enjoyed being a part of The Kings University Concert and Chamber choirs.

Dominique has been the recipient of many awards including: the Harvard Broadcasting Inc. Entrance Award, the Richard Cook Wind Player Entrance Award, the Beryl Barns Scholarship, the Gerry Segger Scholarship and several Robert Tegler Scholarships.

Dominique started teaching piano in high school, having already completed her Royal Conservatory Grade 8 Piano Certification Exam.

Upon completion of her Masters degree, she began teaching woodwind instruments. Dominique has been playing with the Edmonton Winds (formerly known as The New Edmonton Wind Sinfonia) since 2012, where she holds the position of Lead Alto Saxophone.

Dominique has enjoyed every different exposure shes had in the world of music; be it lessons in piano, dance, voice, concert band, or big band, to performing in musicals as both actor and pit orchestra musician.

Dominique loves those precious moments when shes been trying to problem solve with a student and the student finally gets that ah-ha! moment. Most of all, Dominique loves the ability that music has to not only connect people, but to help people communicate what cannot be put into words.

Dominique looks forward to meeting her new students at Walters Music Studio and helping them discover their ‘ah-ha!’ moments.



Our two children had private flute and saxophone lessons with teacher Dom. They loved the experience. Dom was always prepared and enthusiastic. She struck a perfect balance between encouraging our children and knowing when to push just a bit more to help them achieve their goals. We loved that Dom actually brought her own instruments so that we could hear what our children were being asked to do instead of just having instructions written down. Each week Dom would work with our children to come up with realistic and achievable goals for the week. From a purely practical level, it was wonderful having someone come to our home instead of having to drive for lessons. Dom sets her students up for success and supports and encourages along the way. This was an overwhelmingly positive experience for our family and it is our distinct pleasure to write a reference for this highly skilled teacher. JULIE