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Dyllis Walters

Hi!  My name is Dyllis Walters and I am the owner of Walters Music Studio.  It is my goal to make music education a FUN and happy learning experience for every child.   The kids call me “Miss Dyllis” or “Teacher Dyllis.  I have been teaching Music For Young Children (MYC) for thirteen years and enjoy every minute of it.

I have completed all the MYC training and have attended several refresher sessions.  I am fully MYC Certified which means I have expereince in teaching all the MYC levels and meet all the MYC criteria.   It was a great honor to be chosen by the MYC International Office (Ottawa) to be be given special training to become one of their teacher trainers.

At the last MYC International Conference, I was presented with the MYC 1000 pin which means I have taught over 1000 MYC students.

Piano lessons were a priority in our family home and I completed both the Grade 8 Piano and Theory 2 certificates from the Royal Conservatory of Music before graduating from high school.   I started teaching neighbor kids when I was only 15 years old, so I  have lots of experience with private teaching as well.


For more information about me, my current schedule and costs, please go to www.myc.com/teacher/dywalters.