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GraceI have been in love with music ever since I took my first Music For Young Children class at the age of 5. Over the years, I have taken private lessonswith a variety of wonderful piano teachers, each inspiring me to do my best.When I was younger, my favourite pieces to play were movie themes andmodern pieces; but once I became a teenager, I started to play an array ofother styles. These included baroque, classical, and romantic era pieces,worship music, improvisation, and many more.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree with a music major and an education minor,and my original goal was to become a school teacher. However, since startinguniversity and teaching piano, I have realized that teaching piano is really mydream job. It has been one of my greatest joys to help kindle a fondness formusic in the hearts of my students. My students have taught me a great deal,and they are continuously making me a better teacher.

Outside of the world of teaching piano, I keep life fun and exciting with hobbies(mostly music related) and friends. I have done accompaniment and performing,as well as composition. I am always thrilled when I have the opportunity to assista student in creating their own little masterpiece. I have recently started learningthe violin, and plan to enjoy my summer by learning new and delightful pieces. I also enjoy camping, hiking, reading and baking; but most of all, I love being withfriends.