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Naomi Lee


I am a Registered Psychologist who mainly works with children and adolescents. My work focuses on psychoeducational assessments with school age children; however, I also work with college age students and parents. I frequently bring my knowledge and experience from psychology into my piano teaching. I have been happily married for 4 years.


I started playing the piano as a young child and I am actually a graduate of the Music for Young Children (MYC) program. I loved the MYC program; it was one of my favourite nights of the week when I was a child. After MYC, I learned and played classical piano through the Royal Conservatory of Music repertoire (RCM). I have completed my grade 8 RCM examination, Theory 2 and History 3. Music and playing the piano are important parts of my life and they both bring great joy and excitement to my life. I have been teaching piano to children for six years and I enjoy the excitement and energy at Walters Music Studio!