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Roslyn Bergen

I was raised in a very musical family. My dad was the music director at our church, and my mom sang in the church choir. Before I was born, they toured across the country and as far as Ireland in a music group together. Throughout my childhood my dad was often playing the piano and composing music, and I became one of his piano students at age 5. I remember piano lessons being frustrating because I lived with my piano teacher who would pop in while I was practicing because he heard a wrong note in one of my songs! In spite of this, I had a love for music at a very early ageI remember wandering around the house singing at the top of my lungs from about 4 years old (something my daughter seems to have inherited!).

I continued in piano lessons throughout my school years, doing various RCM exams during that time. I completed my RCM Grade 10 exam in my last year of high school, and I started teaching privately that same year. After graduating, I left Edmonton to study music at Canadian Bible College in Regina, SK, where I worked on my repertoire and repeated my Grade 10 exam.

After college I married Jason Bergen, and started working as a youth pastor at Beulah Alliance Church, where Jason and I would lead worship bands togetherboth of us singing, and he playing guitar while I played piano (or guitar). Our daughter Lara was born in 2007, and Elijah was born in 2010. Ours is a busy home, with 2 kids and a beagle, and people over visiting as often as we can manage!

I have personally experienced the hard work of learning to play the piano, and I truly believe it was worth it! I am looking forward to teaching your kids about the beauty of music.