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SarahMy first piano lesson nearly 15 years ago sparked a love of music that has grown exponentially since then. While classical piano has always been my main focus, I have been drawn to many styles of music along the way, including jazz, musical theatre, and worship.


As one who has been fortunate enough to study with some wonderful teachers, I can appreciate the vital role a teacher plays in nurturing a students musical development.One of my greatest joys is seeing a students face light up when they master a challenging piece or grasp a difficult concept. I’m as excited about my students progress as they are! Above all, I want to provide my students with rich and enjoyable learning experiences so that they too can develop a lasting love of music making.


In addition to teaching, I also study piano at the University of Alberta, where I hope to graduate in 2018 with my Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Secondary Education degrees. Previously, I completed my Conservatory Canada Grade 10 Piano with first class honours, and I am currently working toward my ACCM teaching diploma. Over the course of my studies, I have been the recipient of numerous awards, including the Stephane Lemelin Award in Piano Performance, the Marek Jablonski Prize, the Judy R.Shelley Memorial Scholarship in Classical Piano, the Ernesto B. Lejano Scholarship in Piano Performance, the Gladys Eleanor Eckert Scholarship, and two Peace River Pioneer Memorial Scholarships in Music.


These days, when I’m in not the piano studio, you can find me playing in bands, singing in choirs, or even ringing handbells. I also enjoy spending time with my friends and family,travelling to far-off places, reading good books, and being active outdoors.