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Summer 2017: Level 5 Theory Camp

Summer 2017: Level 7 Theory Camp

Fall 2017: Level 5 Theory classes

Fall 2017: Level 6 Theory classes

Fall 2017: Level 8 Theory classes



Walters Music Studio offers group and private theory classes for all RCM theory levels in a casual, fun and friendly environment.

Through the course we study:

  • notation
  • scales and modes
  • timing
  • chords
  • transposition
  • musical terms
  • & even music analysis actually analyzing real composers music!

There are many requirements to fulfill as a student prepares for the theory exam, and each one of those subjects is covered in the class.

Once the course is completed, each student will have a greater understanding of how music works and will be fully prepared to write the corresponding theory level Royal Conservatory examination.